iPhone WMP Skin

iPhone WMP Skin 1.0

Make Windows Media Player look like the iPhone player


  • Bears a good resemblance to the iPhone/iTouch
  • Displays video and album art
  • Can be viewed in portrait or landscape


  • Doesn't give you the functionality of the iTouch
  • No support for VGA screens

Not bad

Let's face it, it's cool, we all want one and if you say they're rubbish then you're just being jealous. I'm talking about the iPhone/iPod Touch, of course - a revolutionary product that has quickly become the most sought-after gizmo on the planet.

Obviously we don't all have the money to splash out on a luxury like this as we have mouths to feed or nicotine habits to keep up. So, an alternative is to just pimp your existing mobile device in order to make it look Apple's shiny new multimedia player.

This iPhone skin for Windows Media Player does just that, giving you a taste of what it's like to use the iPhone, on your Pocket PC. The physical resemblance to iTunes of the Apple handheld is pretty good and this one even includes video and album art.

Ultimately it's unable to replicate the cool functionality of the iPhone/iTouch interface, simply because of hardware restrictions. It's also only available for QVGA devices at present, although the developer is looking into the possibility of a VGA port.

You can flip effectively between portrait and landscape though.

If you want a feel of what the new iPod Touch player is like then this skin will help you apply the general look of it to WMP.

This is a skin for Windows Media Player on the Pocket PC that allows you to transform the look of the program's interface to resemble the one you'll find on Apple's iPhone or iTouch.

The skin is only available in QVGA mode at present but works in both Portrait or Landscape mode. It also supports the display of video and album art.

iPhone WMP Skin


iPhone WMP Skin 1.0

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    not showing.
    i have tried many skins for the media player 9 on my hp ipaq h4150 but the iphone/ipod skin for win...   More